AD Robotics Initiative

Mission Statement

The AD Robotics Initiative’s mission is to create and use robotic devices to enhance personnel safety and increase efficiency of accelerator operations, maintenance, and upgrade installations. By creating collaborations between robots and humans, the initiative will demonstrate how robotics will shape the future of technical support for the Main Injector, Booster, PIP-II, target handling areas, and LBNF. To understand how robotics best fits this purpose, the initiative is planning and undertaking several exploratory projects to try various techniques and technologies.

The Robotics Initiative represents a consortium of engineers, physicists, and technicians interested in gathering expertise and research on the use of robotics at Fermilab. We are open to any interested collaborators at Fermilab or associated universities that want to get involved, or that have relevant ongoing projects in the field of Robotics and wish to share ideas. Spear-headed by the Accelerator Division Mechanical Support Department, the Initiative currently includes collaboration from such groups as Controls, External Beamlines, and Target Systems.

Interested collaborators can get involved by joining the Robotics Initiative mailing list.

Credit: Noah Curfman
AD Mechanical Support

Spot is a commercial robot from the company Boston Dynamics.

Credit: Kris A. Anderson
AD Mechanical Support

RVR (Remote Viewing Robot) is a general-purpose track robot, capable of carrying large payloads over mostly flat terrain.


Credit: Adam Watts
AD External Beamlines

The NuMI horn field-mapping system provides precision field-quality measurements for new neutrino focusing horns during the testing and qualitiy assurance phase of production.