MSD Technicians

Inventory List View a list of items in the inventory. There is also an administration version that allows some updates.
Add New Entry Add a new item to the list. This requires a services account login
Report Service Tracking History
Administration (Restricted)
Authorized People View and update people with authorization in this system.
Item list Each entry in the inventory list has a type of item category. This list of available item types can be updated here.
Customize Item Fields Customized any additional fields that should be available for input for each item.
Manufacturer list Entries in the inventory list can specify a manufacturer of the item. The system presents the person entering the data with a list of possible manufacturers and this can be updated here.
System list Each inventory entry belongs to a particular system. The person entering the data can pick that system from a list which can be updated here.
Secure Location Information If an item is in a secure location, information about that location can also be stored in the system. Only people with authorization to see secure locations can know the details about the location but people entering inventory items can see a list of names given to the locations to pick from. Keep in mind that this database is available in other ways and those with database administrative access can still see this information. Nothing private should be stored here.

Mechanical Support Department

Note: May need to navigate back to other inventory systems. When coming from updating employee information, the system doesn't yet properly link back to the correct place. This can be done so ask if that is desired.