PPSO Mission & Vision

The Program and Project Support Office (PPSO) is responsible for providing support to the Accelerator Directorate (AD) and its projects and programs. The PPSO provides expertise to support strategic planning, risk management, development of project and program documentation, workforce development and training.

The office establishes and maintains a uniform approach for documentation and develops standards that align with Directorate, Laboratory and DOE expectations. The office is responsible for assisting projects, programs and operations to ensure that goals and objectives are entered and maintained in the Laboratory's central database for strategic planning and risk management and are used for planning, collecting, editing and submitting contributions from the Directorate to the Laboratory's Annual Lab Plan, strategic planning exercises and annual assessment plan.

The PPSO crosses organizational boundaries in the Directorate and Laboratory and provides support to department heads, project managers and project and program teams as requested. The PPSO team supports activities such as grant and funding applications, initiatives as chartered by the Associate Laboratory Director for Accelerators, strategic planning and workshop development, facilitation and execution.

Team Members

Noel Wiedman
  • Noel Wiedman
  • Group Leader
  • Office: 630.840.3325
  • email: nwiedman@fnal.gov

The Group Leader (GL) supports and assists the mission of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and is a key member of AD Headquarters. The GL leads subordinate staff to execute the mission of the office, reports to the Associate Laboratory Director for Accelerators and works across organizational boundaries to facilitate the successful completion of AD's portfolio of programs and projects.

Alyssa Miller
  • Alyssa Miller
  • Technical Editor
  • Office: 630.840.3947
  • email: alyssa@fnal.gov

The Technical Editor (TE) serves as the subject matter expert (SME) for AD by ensuring the Directorate has a coordinated approach to document management, training and content creation. The TE assists Directorate personnel in grant and proposal editing and in writing, editing and revising AD website content, including the production of periodic Directorate newsletters and contributing content to the Laboratory's Office of Communication. The TE works with Directorate SMEs on documentation management, including content creation, updates and organization of Accelerator Directorate Administrative Procedures (ADAP) and ES&H Accelerator Directorate Safety Procedures (ADSP). Together with Directorate SMEs the TE develops Directorate specific training material and provides training and presentation assistance.?The TE assists AD personnel in editing, submitting and tracking publications and performs other Directorate Office duties as assigned.

Richard Wallace
  • Richard Wallace
  • Workforce Development Liaison
  • Office: 630.840.6083
  • email: rwallace@fnal.gov

The Workforce Development Liaison (WDL) serves as the organization's SME in the lab's hiring processes and procedures thereby ensuring that hiring managers and committee members are aware of and compliant with established recruitment, selection and onboarding practices and protocols.?The WDL serves as point-of-contact for scheduling hiring manager, hiring committee and/or organization meetings, interviews and reviews for vacancies and facilitates all aspects of the Directorate's hiring processes. The WDL works closely with Directorate and department management to identify workforce needs and ensure the strategic workforce initiatives of the Directorate are achieved. As part of workforce planning, the WDL conducts research and consults with management and hiring managers to identify and recommend best practices for talent sourcing, particularly for hard-to-fill roles. The WDL assists with climate survey initiatives and action items and works with the TE and hiring managers to ensure new employees receive all needed onboarding information.

Paul Czarapata
  • Paul Czarapata
  • Directorate Risk Officer
  • Office: 630.840.3106
  • email: pcceed@fnal.gov

The Directorate Risk Officer (DRO) supports and assists AD in executing the overall mission of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The DRO serves on the Enterprise Risk Management Board (ERMB) and ensures that objectives and risks owned by the Directorate are entered, maintained and regularly updated in the Laboratory's central database for strategic planning and risk management. The DRO serves as the SME for AD operations risk management, with a focus on planning and mitigation of operations risks that could jeopardize AD's ability to deliver on the science mission. The DRO provides risk management expertise to AD-hosted projects, may serve as the O413.3 project risk officer for AD-hosted projects and serves as the AD liaison to the Fermilab Risk Manager.

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