Accelerator Division Procedures

ADAP-01-0001 Accelerator Division Procedure Requirements
ADAP-02-0011 Accelerator Division FAST Facility Control Room Procedure
ADAP-02-0013 Operations Protocol for AD/On-Site Satellite Control Rooms
ADAP-05-0001 Procedure for Processing Requisitions
ADAP-06-0101 Accelerator Division Calibration Policy
ADAP-11-0001 Beam Permits, Run Conditions, and Startup
ADAP-11-0003 Approved Accelerator Beam Intensity Operating Limits
ADAP-11-0004 Accelerator Division Implementation for Min-Safe Condition
ADAP-11-0005 Accelerator Division Tunnel Escort Procedure

ES&H Procedures

ADSP-00-0001 Accelerator Division ES&H Procedure Numbering System
ADSP-01-0001 Accelerator Division Two-Person Rule Policy
ADSP-01-0401 Accelerator Division ESH Self Assessment Program
ADSP-02-0101 Response to Violations of the Accelerator Safety Envelope
ADSP-02-0102 Response to Excursions above the Accelerator Operating Limits
ADSP-02-0110 Outline for Performing Shielding Assessments
ADSP-02-0401 Accelerator Division Emergency Response Plan
ADSP-05-0400 Electrical Safety
ADSP-05-0510 Accelerator Division Hazard Communication Program
ADSP-05-1210 Main Injector F-sector & Transfer Hall Exposed Bus Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1212 Booster Gradient Power Supply Bus System Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1214 Kautz Road Substation MOS 86, 87, & 89 Lockout
ADSP-05-1215 HP3DS and QP3 13.8 KV Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1216 MiniBooNE MI12A and MI12B 480 Volt Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1217 NuMI MI-65 13.8KVAC Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1218 Pre-Target/Pre-Vault 480 Volt Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1219 Transport 480 Volt Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1220 Delivery Ring 13.8 kVAC and 480 VAC Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1221 Extraction Enclosure including the Extraction Stub 480 VAC Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-05-1222 M4 Enclosure 480 Volt Lockout/Tagout Procedure
ADSP-08-0202 Regulated Waste Management Procedures
ADSP-08-0203 Waste Effluent Discharge Identification Procedure
ADSP-08-0301 Identifying & Inspecting Potential Spill Sources
ADSP-08-0401 Management of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's)
ADSP-08-0501 Air Emissions Source Program
ADSP-08-0601 ES&H Review of Procurement Actions and Other Proposed Activities
ADSP-10-0001 Radiation & Electrical Safety System Testing Requirements
ADSP-10-0002 Safety System Interlock Bypass Procedure
ADSP-10-0003 Safety System Interlock Request Procedure
ADSP-10-0101 Radiation Detector Change Procedure
ADSP-10-0102 Non-Interlocked Beam Enclosure Equipment Access Hatch Administrative Control Lockout
ADSP-10-0103 Radiation Interlock Modification Procedure
ADSP-10-0104 Movable Shielding Inventory
ADSP-10-0201 Radioactive Waste Disposal Procedure
ADSP-10-0202 Control & Release of Radioactive Materials from Radiological Areas to Controlled Areas

Building Management

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