2020 Schedule




01/28/2020 Yichen Ji, IIT E-cloud study at Fermilab Slides
02/03/2020 (unusual location, CURIA II) Ziad Melhem, Oxford Instruments NanoScience Industrial Perspective on Superconducting Technologies and Applications
02/06/2020 Mario Milazzo, MIT BioRobotics and Materiomics: tools and approaches for scientific and technologic advancements Slides
02/18/2020 Dali Georgobiani, FRIB How I Turned My Life Around and Switched from Helioseismology to Accelerator Radiation Transport Slides
03/02/2020, Unusual day Yagmur Torun, IIT One Step Closer to a Muon Collider: Demonstration of Ionization Cooling by MICE Slides
03/06/2020, Unusual time and day, 11am Fiona Harden, CERN How a STEM education took me on a journey to CERN’s HiRadMat facility Slides
03/10/2020 - POSTPONED Kazami Yamamoto and Pranab Saha, J-PARC J-PARC 3GeV Rapid Cycling Synchrotron
04/21/2020 (via ZOOM) Valeri Lebedev, FNAL Effect of transverse damper noise on beam stability in hadron colliders. Slides
04/28/2020 (via ZOOM) Daniel Winklehner, MIT Development and applications of high intensity ion beams using cyclotrons Slides
05/12/2020 (Unusual time, 1pm CDT) Alexey Burov, FNAL Space Charge Effects for Transverse Collective Instabilities in Circular Machines Slides
05/26/2020 Peter Ostroumov, FRIB FRIB linac commissioning Slides
06/02/2020 Ram Dhuley, FNAL (POSTPONED) Cryocooler conduction cooled SRF cavities for compact particle accelerators
06/09/2020 Mike Syphers, NIU
Diktys Stratakis, FNAL
Beam loss calculations for the Muon g-2 Experiment Storage Ring
Application of wedge absorbers for increasing the intensity of the Muon g-2 Experiment
06/11/2020 (unusual day) Evan Angelico, University of Chicago
Development of Large-Area MCP-PMT Photodetectors for Particle Time-of-Flight and Undulator Radiation Measurements at Fermilab Slides
06/16/2020 John Mammosser, ORNL The Proton Power Upgrade project status at the Spallation Neutron Source Slides
06/18/2020 (unusual day) Pierre Korysko, University of Oxford Intensity-dependent effects in the Accelerator Test Facility 2 and extrapolation to future electron-positron linear colliders Slides
06/23/2020 Alex Lumpkin, FNAL Submicropulse Electron-Beam Dynamics Correlated with Short-Range Wakefields in TESLA-type Superconducting rf Cavities Slides
06/30/2020 Athula Wickremasinghe, FNAL Muon Monitor Data with Machine Learning Applications to Maintain the Quality of the NuMI Neutrino Beam Slides
07/07/2020 Ram Dhuley, FNAL Cryocooler conduction cooled SRF cavities for compact particle accelerators Slides
07/14/2020 Ihar Lobach, University of Chicago Study of photon statistics of undulator radiation in the IOTA storage ring. Including the case of a single electron in the ring Slides
08/18/2020 Daniel Bowring, FNAL Quantum sensors for photon counting in particle physics experiments Slides
08/25/2020 Vladimir Shiltsev, FNAL Booster Beam Intensity Effects - Part I: Intensity Losses Slides
09/15/2020 Vladimir Shiltsev, FNAL Booster Beam Intensity Effects - Part II: Emittance Evolution Slides
09/17/2020 Michael Skulski, Univeristy of Notre Dame Development of 129I AMS at the NSL for Measurements of the Great Lakes Region Slides
09/22/2020 Duc Hoang, FNAL Intelliquench: Machine Learning for real-time monitoring of superconducting magnets. Slides
09/29/2020 Daniel C. Jones, Modification of Indium Phosphide Substrate into a Room Temperature Soft Ferromagnetic Materials System through Low Energy Nickel Ion Implantation.
10/06/2020 No seminar - Snowmass CPM
10/27/2020 Tom Powers, JLAB C100 Faults and Fault Mitigation an Overview Slides
11/03/2020 No seminar
11/10/2020 Sergei Nagaitsev, FNAL Electron cooling concept for the EIC Slides
11/12/2020 Steven Lidia, FRIB Beam Instrumentation for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Slides
11/17/2020 Valeri Lebedev, FNAL Particle scattering in the residual gas Slides
12/01/2020 Nikita Kuklev, University of Chicago Nonlinear Integrable Optics studies at IOTA
12/08/2020 Matthew Andorf, Cornell Optical Stochastic Cooling in CESR
12/15/2020 Osama Mohsen, NIU High-brightness and high-average current electron beams and their applications