2019 Schedule




02/19/2019 Vitaly Yakimenko, SLAC Collider of Fields : On the Prospect of Studying Fully Non-Perturbative QED with Beam-Beam Collisions
03/05/2019 Alexey Burov, FNAL Transverse Convective Instabilities of a Bunched Beam with Strong Space Charge Slides
03/11/2019 (Unusual day, Monday) Andrei Seryi, JLAB JLEIC Electron-Ion Collider Advances and Opportunities Slides
03/21/2019 (Unusual day, Thursday) Yong Liu, KEK Progress of J-PARC LINAC Commissioning Slides
03/26/2019 Jeff Eldred, FNAL Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron for Multi-Megawatt Proton Facility at Fermilab Slides
04/04/2019 (Unusual day and time, Thursday at 3:30 p.m.) Guglielmo Scovazzi, Duke University Numerical simulations in complex geometry: from imaging to computing without CAD Slides
04/16/2019 (CANCELLED) Felicie Albert, Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory (CANCELLED) X-ray sources from laser-plasma acceleration: development and applications for high energy density sciences
04/18/2019 (Unusual day) Yannis K. Semertzidis, KAIST A hybrid ring to probe the proton EDM down to 10^-29 e-cm and beyond: a strict test of CP-violation in QCD Slides
04/30/2019 Jean-Luc Vay, LBNL High-performance computer modeling of conventional and advanced-concept particle accelerators
05/02/2019 Grigory Eremeev, JLAB Progress in Nb3Sn SRF cavity research at Jefferson Lab Slides
05/10/2019 (Unusual day and time, Friday at 2:00 p.m.) Timofey Zolkin, FNAL Isolated Period Three Implies Chaos
05/14/2019 IPAC Preview 1:Christine Ader, FNAL
IPAC Preview 2: Diktys Stratakis, FNAL
Accelerator Vacuum Windows: A Review of the Past, Present and Future Development of a New Vacuum Thin Window Design for Improved Safety and Longevity for Particle Accelerators
Commisioning and First Results of the Fermilab Muon Campus
05/23/2019 (unusual day, time and location - IARC 1WA&BB at 1pm) Panagiotis Baxevanis, SLAC Theory of microbunched electron cooling (MBEC)
05/29/2019 (unusual day, time and location - IARC 1WA&BB at 3pm) Daniel Ratner , SLAC Machine Learning for an X-ray Laser
06/04/2019 Sasha Shemyakin, FNAL Measurements of a 2.1-MeV H- beam with an Allison scanner Slides
06/05/2019 Stanislas Baturin, University of Chicago Advanced accelerator concepts: two different perspectives towards design of the future accelerators
06/06/2019 Hiroshi Kawata, KEK Present status of the compact ERL - Topics about the industrial application
06/18/2019 Alexander Valishev, FNAL Highlights of the First IOTA Run: Commissioning and Research Slides
06/20/2019 Daniele Paradiso, UTK Preparation and Characterization of Pure and Decorated Metal Oxide Materials for Energy Applications Using Novel Physical Deposition Methods Slides
06/21/2019 (Unusual day and time, Friday at 11:00 a.m.) Mario Milazzo, MIT BioRobotics and Materiomics: tools and approaches for scientific and technologic advancements
06/24/2019 RESERVED (Note:Unusal Day) Workshop on Beam Acceleration in Crystals and Nanostructures
06/25/2019 Toshiki Tajima, University of California Wakefield Acceleration in Nanostructures
06/27/2019 Bill Pellico, FNAL PIP successfully completes goals - helps prepare PIP II for a bright future Slides
07/09/2019 Salvatore Di Carlo, LAL Monitoring the beams at the interaction point of SuperKEKB
07/11/2019 Timofey Zolkin, FNAL Canonical perturbation theory for symplectic mappings Slides
07/18/2019 Alysson Gold, Stanford University Applications of Lagrangian Field Theory in Computational Beam-Wave Modeling Slides
07/22/2019 Jeffrey Eldred, FNAL Challenges and Studies for PIP-II Booster Slides
07/23/2019 Matthew Fraser, CERN Overview of Slow Extraction Progress and Development at CERN Slides
07/30/2019 Sergey Antipov, CERN Beam stability challenges for High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider
08/06/2019 Vladimir Shiltsev, FNAL Path to intense accelerator-based neutrino beams Slides
08/13/2019 Ingo Hofmann, GSI Resonant space charge effects in high intensity accelerators Slides
08/15/2019 Alexander Zlobin, FNAL Development and First Test of the US-MDP 15T Nb3Sn Dipole Demonstrator (MDPCT1) Slides
08/20/2019 Eric Stern, FNAL PIC Simulations of Space Charge Compensation with Electron Lens Slides
08/22/2019 Maria Baldini, FNAL Road to Room-Temperature Superconductivity: Superhydrides under Pressure Slides
08/27/2019 NAPAC Preview 1: Trevor Butler, FNAL
NAPAC Preview 2: Bruce Brown, FNAL
Development of a Marx Modulator for FNAL Linac
Design Considerations and Operational Features of the Collimators for the Fermilab Main Injector and Recycler
08/29/2019 NAPAC Preview: Sergei Nagaitsev, FNAL Review of Recents Advancements in Cooling Techniques
09/17/2019 Alexander Romanov, FNAL A Framework for Beam-Optics Tuning with Applications to the Commissioning of IOTA and the Fermilab Accelerator Complex Slides
09/24/2019 Daniel Broemmelsiek, FNAL FAST SRF Linac: Commissioning, Operations and Research in 2018-2019 Slides
10/08/2019 No Seminar Reserved for EIC cooling workshop
10/15/2019 Nikolai Mokhov, FNAL MARS Mission: Monte-Carlo Code and its Applications Slides
10/17/2019 Toshiyuki Mitsuhashi, KEK Optical Diagnostics for beam halo Slides
10/21/2019 Didier Uriot, CEA-Saclay/DSM/Irfu/SACM Latest comparisons between TRACEWIN and experimental results for IFMIF, IPHI and Spiral2 projects Slides
10/22/2019 Ewen MacLean, CERN Beam-based nonlinear optics studies at the LHC Slides
11/05/2019 Jae-Yel Lee, Northwestern University Microstructural control of Nb3Sn coatings on Nb for high-performance Nb3Sn SRF cavities
02/03/2020 (unusual location, CURIA II) Melhem Ziad, Oxford Instruments NanoScience TBD
02/06/2020 Mario Milazzo, MIT BioRobotics and Materiomics: tools and approaches for scientific and technologic advancements