2015 Schedule



No Seminar
11/24/2015 Michikazu Kinsho, J-PARC Status of J-PARC accelerators
11/19/2015 Location: Curia-II
Date: Thursday 4:00 pm
Shunsuke Makimura, J-PARC Muon production target at J-PARC
11/10/2015 Eric Prebys, Fermilab IOTA Proton Program
10/27/2015 Andre Sopczak, IEAP CTU in Prague MPX Detectors as LHC Luminosity Monitor
10/20/2015 Daniel R. Broemmelsiek, Fermilab First results from the Fermilab superconducting test accelerator
10/13/2015 Alexander Valishev, Fermilab Experimental Beam Physics Program at Fermilab's FAST/IOTA
10/07/2015 Location: Curia-II
Date: Wednesday 3:00 pm
Carlos Serrano, LBL End-to-end FEL Beam Stability Simulation Engine (presentation) |
paper (pdf)
No Seminar
DATE: Thursday
Masahito Tomizawa, KEK Slow Extraction Projects at JPARC
Date: Thursday Location: CURIA-II
Toshiki Tajima, University of California at Irvine "TeV on a chip": X-ray wakefield accelerator in nanomaterials
07/28/2015 Diktys Stratakis, Brookhaven National Laboratory Concepts for efficient production, transport and cooling of intense muon beams
06/23/2015 Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt, Fermilab FCC: Overview and Study Status
No Seminar -- New Perspectives 2015 (June 8-9) followed by 48th User's Meeting (June 10-11)
Location: CURIA-II
Anna Grassellino, Fermilab High Q research: new developments, and implications
Location: CURIA-II
Diktys Stratakis, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Daniel Bowring, Fermilab
MAP Collaboration Meeting - Talks presented at APT
Date: Thursday
Giulio Stancari, Fermilab

Daniel Bowring, Fermilab
Electron Lenses for Experiments on Nonlinear Dynamics with Wide Stable Tune Spreads in the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator

RF Breakdown of 805 MHz Cavities in Strong Magnetic Fields
Location: CURIA-II
Mark Palmer, Fermilab Muon Accelerators: R&D Towards Future Neutrino Factory and Lepton Collider Capabilities
Date: Thursday
David Neuffer, Fermilab Final Cooling for a High-Luminosity High-Energy Lepton Collider
Location: CURIA-II
Phil Adamson, Fermilab 700 kW Main Injector Operations for NOvA at FNAL
04/14/2015 Robert S Tschirhart, Fermilab Discussion of the HEPAP General Accelerator R&D Report
DATE/Time: Friday @ 2:30 pm
Hermann Schmickler, CERN The LHC after the first long shutdown
03/17/2015 Christoph Wiesner, Goethe University Chopping and Transport of Low-Energy Ion Beams for FRANZ
Location: CURIA-II
Nikolay Solyak, Fermilab LCLS-II design status and challenges
02/24/2015 George Ginther, Fermilab Mu2e - A search for muon to electron conversion at Fermilab
DATE: Thursday
Location: Hermitage (TD)
Rong-Li Geng, J-Lab Review of Key Issues to Advance The Realization of Next Generati
Location: Hermitage (TD)
Mike Kelly, ANL Superconducting RF Technology: The Last 15 Years