2014 Schedule



12/16/2014 Denise Ford, Argonne National Laboratory First principles study of impurity and vacancy structures in niobium
12/02/2014 Kathrin Schulte, Goethe University Studies on the Focusing Performance of a Gabor Lens Depending on Nonneutral Plasma Properties
11/25/2014 Steve Werkema, Fermilab The Fermilab Muon Campus - Plans and Status
11/18/2014 Robert Kephart, Fermilab Accelerators for Energy and Environment at IARC
11/11/2014 William Pellico, Fermilab Preparing for PIP II - What are the issues and plans for Booster
** CURIA-II **
Daniel Noll, Goethe University The Particle-in-Cell Code bender and Its Application to Non-Relativistic Beam Transport
10/07/2014 Anthony Leveling, Fermilab Total Loss Monitor Radiation Safety System
09/30/2014 Timofey Zolkin, University of Chicago Head-Tail Modes for FNAL Booster
** CURIA-II **
Paul Derwent, Steve Holmes, Valeri Lebedev
Superconducting Linac in Fermilab
** CURIA-II **
Alexander Romanenko, Fermilab ToBeReschedule
07/01/2014 Michael Geelhoed, Aria Soha, Fermilab &
Paul Reimer, Argonne National Laboratory
Switchyard External Beamlines
From the past to the present
** Date: Thursday **
Sam Posen, Cornell University Developing the Next Generation of SRF Cavities with Nb3Sn
06/17/2014 Randy M Thurman-Keup, Fermilab Electron Beam Profiler for the Main Injector
** Date: Thursday **
No seminar - Fermilab User's Meeting 2014
** CURIA-II **
Vaia Papadimitriou, Fermilab Overview of the LBNE Beamline Design
** Date: Thursday **
Thomas Nicol, Fermilab Superconducting Cavity Cryomodule Designs for the Next Generation of CW Linacs: Challenges and Options
Giorgio Apollinari, Fermilab High-field Magnet Development toward Higher Luminosity Performance of the LHC
** CURIA-II **
Giulio Stancari, Fermilab Electron lenses for the Large Hadron Collider
** Date: Thursday **
Paul Soler, University of Glasgow Evolution of the Neutrino Factory Concept: from IDS-NF to nuSTORM and NuMAX
05/27/2014 No Seminar - P5 Report - Director retreat
** Date: Thursday ** Location: CURIA-II
Tengming Shen, Fermilab High-Temperature Superconducting Magnets: Pushing limits
05/20/2014 Location: CURIA-II Ioanis Kourbanis, Fermilab Doubling the Main Injector Beam Power
** Date: Thursday ** Location: CURIA-II
Rob Ainsworth, Royal Holloway, University of London Parasitic Resonances in High Power Proton Linacs
05/13/2014 Young-Im Kim, John Adams Institute, University of Oxford High Resolution Cavity Beam Position Monitor for the Accelerator Test Facility 2 and Future Linear Colliders
** Date: Thursday Location: CURIA-II**
Kazuhiro Terao, Columbia University The MicroBooNE Detector, Beam Requirements and Status
05/06/2014 Flor de Maria Blaszczyk, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge A journey from T2K to LArIAT
** DATE: Thursday **
Davide Braga, Imperial College London Development of the front-end readout for the High-Luminosity Upgrade of the CMS Strip Tracker
04/22/2014 Ki Shin, Oak Ridge National Lab Study of SNS Front-End RF Structures - RFQ and MEBT
** Date: Thursday **
Tom Kobilarcik, Fermilab The Booster Neutrino Beamline
04/15/2014 Alexey Burov, Fermilab Impedance, its Allies, and the Beam Guards
** Curia II **
CY Tan, Fermilab PIP I: RFQ Injector
** Curia II **
Trevor Butler & Fernanda G. Garcia
Upgrade Plans for Linac 201.25MHz RF Power Plant within PIP
03/04/2014 Matt Slabaugh & John Reid
Booster RF System Upgrades for 15 Hz Operation
02/25/2014 Linda Valerio, Ryan Schultz & Joe DeMarco
Laser Welded Beam Tube: Testing & Application
02/11/2014 Dave Johnson, Fermilab Linac Laser Notcher Project in the Proton Improvement Plan
** DATE: Thursday
Dan Bollinger, Fermilab 35 Years of H- Ions at Fermilab
02/04/2014 Bill Pellico & Bob Zwaska, Fermilab
Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) - Meeting the HEP Proton Needs
01/21/2014 Alexander Valishev, Fermilab Beam-Beam Effects in the High Luminosity LHC Upgrade
01/14/2014 Elvin Harms, Fermilab ASTA Update