2013 Seminars



12/12/2013 Steve Holmes, Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab PIP-II: A Plan for Developing Multi-MW Capabilities at Fermilab & Overview of Physics Opportunities with High-Intensity Proton Beams
11/11/2013 Janet Conrad, MIT New Cyclotrons for Nu Physics
11/05/2013 Massimo Giovannozzi, CERN The LHC dynamic aperture saga: overview, ideas and recent developments
10/22/2013 Alexey Burov, Fermilab Nested Head-Tail Vlasov Solver: a New Powerful Program for Transverse Beam Stability Analysis
10/08/2013 Pat Hurh, Jim Hylen, Fermilab NUMI Horns and Targets and the Ongoing FNAL High Power Target R&D Program
09/26/2013 Dr. Tianjue Zhang, Director of the Cyclotron Laboratory at CIAE The Cyclotron Development Activities at China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)
09/19/2013 Mark Hogan, SLAC Quasi-monoenergetic Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at FACET
09/17/2013 Grigory Kazakevich, Muons Inc. Application of Magnetrons for Intensity-Frontier Superconducting Linac
08/15/2013 Daniele Pelliccia, Monash University Hard X-Ray Diffraction Imaging at Modern Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers: Role of Iterative Phase Retrieval Methods
08/13/2013 Haci Sogukpinar, Ankara University Institute of Accelerator Technologies Turkish Accelerator Center Proton Accelerator Project: Current Status
07/23/2013 Eric Colby, DOE HEP's Accelerator R&D Stewardship Program DOE HEP's Accelerator R&D Stewardship Program
07/16/2013 Tom Kroc, Fermilab A Visit to CNAO: The Italian Carbon Therapy Facility
07/11/2013 Evan Sengbusch, Joe Sherman, Preston Burrows, Daniel Swanson, Phoenix Nuclear Labs A Long Lifetime, CW Negative Hydrogen Microwave Ion Source as a Project X Injector
07/09/2013 Roger Jones, The Cockcroft Institute/U. Manchester Accelerator Structures for High Gradient Linac Applications
07/02/2013 Vladimir Shieltsev, Fermilab A Phenomenological Cost Model for Big Accelerators In the US
06/27/2013 Anna Grassellino, Fermilab Pushing the Boundaries of RF Superconductivity
06/25/2013 Alex Lumpkin, Fermilab Applications of Undulator Radiation at ASTA: High-Power Beam Diagnostics and an XUV FEL Oscillator
06/18/2013 Nikolay Solyak, Fermilab The Conceptual Design of the PXIE Beam Dump, its Radiation Shielding and PXIE Complex Enclosure
06/11/2013 Jim Zagel & Randy M. Thurman-Keup, Fermilab Status of the New MI and RR Beam Profiling Measurement Devices
06/06/2013 Richard D'Arcy,University College London Front End Test Stand (FETS): RFQ Simulations and MEBT Beam Diagnostics
05/30/2013 Timofey Zolkin, University of Chicago A Model Ring with Exactly Solvable Nonlinear Motion
05/21/2013 Rami Kishek, Univeristy of Maryland Overview of the University of Maryland Electron Ring Program
05/07/2013 Alexander Shemyakin, Fermilab Status of PXIE MEBT Absorber Development
04/30/2013 Valeri Lebedev & Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab Luminosity limitations for colliders based on plasma acceleration
04/23/2013 Duncan Scott, Fermilab Main Injector and Recycler: Ready for NoVa and Beyond
04/16/2013 Gary M. Carinci Corrosion Resistant Alloy Developments and Selection Criteria
03/26/2013 Grigory Kazakevich, Muons Inc. A High-Power Magnetron Transmitter for Superconducting Intensity-Frontier Linacs
03/12/2013 Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab Fermilab ASTA Proposal
03/05/2013 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Project-X Injector Experiment (PXIE)
01/10/2013 Mary Convery, Fermilab Muon Campus plans