2012 Seminars



10/09/2012 Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab Space Charge Compensation: From Idea to a Test
08/23/2013 Michael Pellin, Argonne Plasmonic Photocathodes for Efficient Light Conversion
08/21/2012 Vitaly Pronskikh, Fermiab Radiation Studies for Mu2e Experiment
07/26/2012 Alex Murokh, RadiaBeam Technologies Inverse Compton Scattering Gamma-Ray Source at ASTA
07/24/2012 Aleksandr Romanov, BINP Lattice and Closed Orbit Correction at VEPP-2000 and its Possible Applications to IOTA
07/19/2012 Manjiri Pande, BARC Development of 325 MHz Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers for Project X, under Addendum-V of IIFC
06/26/2012 Milorad Popovic, Fermilab Staged approach for 8 GeV CW Linac
06/21/2012 Ian Pong, ITER From Nb, Ti & Sn to NbTi and Ti-doped Nb3Sn, from raw material to full-size conductor
06/19/2013 Sampriti Bhattacharyya, Ohio State University Reliability and Controls for Project-X and Applications to Accelerator Driven Systems
06/14/2012 David Whittum, Varian Medical Systems Opportunities Beyond the State of the Art in Electron Accelerator Systems
06/05/2012 Puneet Jain, BNL Studies on 704 MHz five-cell superconducting RF cavity
05/17/2012 Sergei Nagaitsev
Ralph Pasquinelli, Fermilab
Design and Simulation of IOTA - a Novel Concept of Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
Microwave Schottky diagnostic systems for the Fermilab Tevatron, Recycler, and CERN LHC
05/15/2012 He Zhang, Michigan State University The Fast Multipole Algorithm in the Differential Algebra Framework to Calculate the 3D Self-field between Charged Particles
05/10/2012 Stuart Henderson, Fermilab Report from the OHEP Accelerator R&D Task Force
05/08/2012 Stephen Holmes, Fermilab Staging Opportunities for Project X
05/01/2012 Terry Hendricks, Sandia National Laboratory Instantaneous heat flux measurements in internal combustion engines
04/26/2012 Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab ((Far) Future) Colliders: Invitation to Discussion
04/24/2012 Richard Talman, Cornell University Storage Ring Measurement of Electric Dipole Moments of Protons and Other Baryons
04/19/2012 Kavin Ammigan, IIT Planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of fuel droplets exposed to asymmetric radiant heating
04/17/2013 William Barletta, USPAS-MIT Accelerator Education in America
03/22/2012 Charles Thangaraj, Fermilab Experimental studies on coherent synchrotron radiation at the A0-Photoinjector
03/20/2012 Alexander Romanenko, Fermilab Superconducting RF cavities: extending knowledge boundaries
03/15/2012 John N. Corlett, LBNL Next Generation Light Source R&D and Design Studies at LBNL
03/13/2012 Igor Meshkov, JINR Dubna Progress and Status of the NICA Project at JINR
02/23/2012 David Bruhwiler, Tech-X
Contributors:B.T. Schwartz, G.I. Bell and I. Pogorelov (Tech-X); V.N. Litvinenko, G. Wang and Y. Hao (BNL); S. Reiche (PSI)
Coherent electron cooling simulations for parameters of the BNL proof-of-principle experiment
02/21/2012 Timur Shaftan, BNL Experiments with a single electron circulating in a storage ring
02/16/2012 Charles Briegel, Fermilab ACSys in a Box; un-scaling the Fermilab Control System for standalone operation enabling collaboration and future enhancements
02/14/2012 Henryk Piekarz<, Fermilab Project X with Superconducting Rapid Cycling Synchrotron and Superconducting Dual Storage Ring
02/09/2012 Igor Rakhno and Leonid Vorobiev, Fermilab Multiturn stripping injection and foil heating with application to Project X