2011 Seminars



12/13/2011 Michael Borland,Argonne Exploration of a Tevatron-Sized Ultimate Light Source
12/01/2011 Anna Mazzacane, INFN/FNAL Detector and Physics Studies for High Energy Lepton Colliders with ILCroot Simulation Framework
11/17/2011 Khalid Chouffani, Idaho State University Laser-Compton Scattering Experiments from intermediate Energy Electron beams
11/15/2011 Cesar Clavero, The College of William and Mary New materials and multilayer coatings for SRF cavities and optical applications
11/10/2011 Robert Hardin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory SNS Accumulator Ring Instability Damper and Beam Transfer Function Studies
11/03/2011 Alex Melnitchouk, University of Mississippi Silicon Detectors at DZero
11/01/2011 Sergiy Gladchenko,
Laboratory for Physical Sciences
College Park, Maryland
Application of Superconducting Resonators for Study of Two Level Defect States in Dielectrics
10/06/2011 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Project X based muon factory
09/22/2011 Yury Ivanyushenkov, Argonne Development of superconducting undulators at the Advanced Photon Source
09/13/2011 Stephen Webb, Stony Brook University Free-Electron Laser Theory for Coherent Electron Cooling
09/08/2011 Tim Maxwell, Northern Illinois University Electro-optic sampling for ultra-fast diagnostics at the A0 photoinjector
09/06/2011 Arun Saini, University of Delhi Study and Optimization of RF and Beam dynamics for Project-X CW SC linac
08/31/2011 John Lyles, LANL Design and Operating Results for a New 201.25 MHz RF Power Amplifier for LANSCE
08/18/2011 Jingyu Tang,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of High-Energy Physics, Beijing
Introduction to the China ADS program
07/21/2011 Denis Kostin, DESY XFEL SRF Accelerating Module Prototypes Tests at DESY
07/19/2011 Moses Chung,Handong Global University, Korea What can we learn from the beam test of a gas-filled RF cavity?
07/07/2011 Veysel Demir, Northern Illinois University Scientific Computing on Graphics Processor Units: An Application in Time-Domain Electromagnetic Simulations
06/30/2011 Marc Ross, Fermilab ILC Technical Design Phase Progress
06/21/2011 Amit Lal, SonicMEMS Laboratory, Cornell University Towards Chip and Wafer Scale High Energy Charged Particle Sources
06/21/2011 Thorsten Kuerzeder, Technical University Darmstadt New injector cryostat-module based on 3 GHz SRF cavities for the S-DALINAC
06/16/2011 Yuri Kamyshkov, University of Tennessee Increasing yield of cold and ultra-cold neutrons from spallation target for the search of neutron oscillations
06/14/2011 Kazuhito Ohmi, KEK Electron cloud studies for J-PARC and SuperKEKB
06/07/2011 Alex Melnitchouk, University of Mississippi W Boson Mass and Width Measurements with D0 Detector
05/31/2011 Santosh Jangam, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Steady State and Dynamic Simulation of Cryogenic System for TIFR-BARC Superconducting Linear Accelerator
05/24/2011 Charlie Reece, Jefferson Lab Production and Performance of SRF Cavities for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade and JLab SRF Facilities Upgrade Plans
05/24/2011 Chan Joshi, University of California at Los Angeles The Future of Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
05/19/2011 Alexey Burov and C.Y. Tan, Fermilab Theory, observations and mitigation of dancing bunches in the Tevatron
05/17/2011 Tom Schwarz, University of California at Davis Measurement of the Forward Backward Asymmetry in Top Production at the Tevatron
05/12/2011 Richard Wade, Science and Technology Facilities Coucil (UK) Science Funding in the UK and the priorities for the Science and Technology Facilities Council
05/05/2011 Daniel Mihalcea, Northern Illinois University High Gradient Wakefield Acceleration in Dielectric-Loaded Structures
04/19/2011 Anna Grassellino, TRIUMF Investigation of field dependent losses in superconducting radio frequency niobium resonators
04/14/2011 Marc Buehler, University of Virginia Higgs Bosons at the Tevatron and at a Future Muon Collider
04/12/2011 Edward Nissen, Northern Illinois University Differential Algebraic Methods for Space Charge Modeling and Applications to the University of Maryland Electron Ring
04/07/2011 Zhijun Chen, Argonne Materials science challenges for YBCO-based high temperature superconducting magnets
03/22/2011 Jeffri Narendra, Michigan State University Microwave Powered Microplasmas: Applicator Design, Characteristics, and Applications
03/17/2011 Alex Rak, Bradley University Developments in Radiation Detection Systems
03/08/2011 Mauro Munerato, University of Ferrara Design Studies of the Muon Detector for the SuperB Experiment
03/03/2011 Marcel Stanitzki, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Detector Challenges at Future Linear Colliders
02/10/2011 Dan Berkovits, Soreq Nuclear Research Center The SARAF proton / deuteron 5 MeV RFQ+superconducting linac commissioning
01/25/2011 Sebastian Carron, Fermilab The Silicon Detector at CDF and the search for the Higgs Boson - How we tried to extend the Tevatron Run
01/20/2011 Alexander Mikhailichenko, Cornell University The Source of Polarized Positrons for ILC with Positron Collection by Lithium Lens