2010 Seminars



11/11/2010 Hengjie Ma, Brookhaven National Laboratory Low-Level RF Development Experience from SNS and NSLS-II
11/04/2010 Diktys Stratakis, UCLA Triggers and mitigation strategies of rf breakdown for muon accelerator cavities
11/02/2010 Bill Pellico, Fermilab Proton Source Task Force Report
10/28/2010 Lawrence Deacon, University of London, Royal Holloway Muon cleaning in the CLIC beam delivery system
10/14/2010 Shigeki Kato, KEK Application of Electro Chemical Buffing onto Niobium SRF Cavity Surfaces
10/12/2010 Hisham Kamal Sayed, Old Dominion University / Jefferson Lab Design Studies for MEIC: Medium Energy Electron -Ion Collider at JLab
10/07/2010 Roger Dixon, Fermilab Accelerator Division: The Division Head's Perspective
09/30/2010 Sang-ho Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Design and operating experience with the SNS superconducting linac
09/28/2010 Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab Accelerators as High Precision Seismometers, Tunnel and Orbit Drifts in the Tevatron,and the ATL Law of Ground Diffusion in Space and Time
09/23/2010 Walter Hartung, Michigan State University Superconducting RF for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University
09/11/2010 Mingqi Ge, Fermilab The development of new techniques for surface defect research at Fermilab
09/02/2010 Shekhar Mishra, Fermilab Indian Institutions and Fermilab Collaboration: A Road We Travel Together
08/24/2010 Young-Min Shin, University of California at Davis Beam-metamaterial interaction research for tabletop accelerator
08/17/2010 Alan Krisch, University of Michigan Hard collisions of polarized protons: past, present & future
08/05/2010 Alexey Burov, Fermilab Transverse oscillations of beams
07/29/2010 Lucio Rossi, CERN The CERN plan for the LHC upgrade
07/27/2010 Alexey Burov, Fermilab Three views on Landau Damping
07/22/2010 Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre MYRRHA - a Multi-National Demonstration Program for Incineration of Spent Nuclear Fuel Wastes:
Status of MYRRHA and ISOL@MYRRHA in March 2010
07/15/2010 Zachary Conway, Cornell University Superconducting-Niobium Accelerator Cavity Defect Localization and Repair
06/21/2010 Alexei Grudiev, CERN CERN progress in high-gradient investigations
06/10/2010 Tiago Silva, University of Sao Paulo Beam monitoring using Optical Transition Radiation
06/08/2010 Laura Loiacono, University of Texas at Austin Flux from Neutrino Beams
06/01/2010 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Optical stochastic cooling in Tevatron
05/20/2010 Tim Maxwell, Northern Illinois University Optical beam position monitor for sub-picosecond spatio-temporal correlation monitoring
05/18/2010 Holger Witte, Oxford PAMELA - A Novel Accelerator for Charged Particle Therapy
05/13/2010 Juergen Dietrich, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institut fuer Kernphysik Status of the 2 MeV Electron Cooler for COSY Juelich
05/11/2010 Tengming Shen,
Applied Superconductivity Center
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Florida State University

Understanding the melt processing of multifilamentary Ag-Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox round wire for high field magnet applications
05/04/2010 Erik Hemsing, UCLA Generation of Light with Orbital Angular Momentum in Free-Electron Lasers
04/29/2010 Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab Toward super-high intensity accelerators
04/27/2010 Rama Yedavalli, Ohio State University Robust Control Systems Research with Applications
04/22/2010 Pantaleo Raimondi, INFN/Frascati Status of DAFNE and New Crab Waist Idea Implementation
04/15/2010 Chris Polly, FNAL Precision precession: How the history of g-2 wound its way to Fermilab
04/13/2010 Guoxing Xia, Max-Planck Institute, Munich Ion Effects in the Electron Damping Ring of the ILC
04/08/2010 Srivani Sirisha Motamarri, University of Illinois at Chicago Mechatronics in Embedded Motion Control Systems
04/06/2010 Daniel Mazur, Université de Genève, Switzerland Condensed matter physics experiments relevant to accelerator development
04/01/2010 Mohamed Awida, University of Tennessee - Knoxville Twisted Waveguide Accelerating Structures: Potential and Challenges
03/25/2010 Alberto Gola, Politecnico di Milano Design of an SDD-based Gamma Camera: detector, front-end and signal processing
03/23/2010 Chris Densham,
Science & Technology Facilities Council, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Design and Development of the T2K Pion Production Target
03/16/2010 Steve Holmes, Fermilab Project X Strategy and Status: A Discussion
03/09/2010 Mohammed Al Sharo'a, Muons, Inc. Analysis of the Transient Natural Convection Driven by Energy Deposition inside High-Pressure RF Cavities
02/18/2010 Peter Limon, Fermilab LHC Splice Repairs and the Chamonix Discussions
02/16/2010 Gabriele Bassi, University of Liverpool and Cockcroft Institute Monte Carlo Mean Field Treatment of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects with Application to Microbunching Instability in Bunch Compressors
02/11/2010 Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt, Fermilab Abort Gap Cleaning at LHC
02/09/2010 Vahid Ranjbar, Tech-X Corporation Recent Upgrades to BBSIM
02/04/2010 Vitaly Yakimenko, BNL Generation of monoenergetic ion beams from a gas jet using picosecond TW CO2 laser beam
02/02/2010 Dmitri Denisov, Fermilab
Tevatron program - status and future prospects
01/28/2010 Shane Curry, SLAC BaBar Detector's Influence on Accelerator Operations
01/07/2010 Daniel M. Kaplan, Illinois Institute of Technology Antiprotons at Fermilab: New Directions in Hyperon, Charm, and Antimatter Physics