2008 Seminars



12/16/2008 Robyn Madrak, Fermilab Two Devices for HINS
Stephen Molloy, SLAC Precision Beam Measurements Using Accelerating Cavities
11/28/2008 James Volk, Fermilab Permanent Magnet work at Fermilab 1995 to Present
11/18/2008 Thomas Hott, DESY XFEL and Collaboration with ILC SCRF
11/13/2008 Henryk Piekarz, Fermilab Proton Source for HINS First Tests
11/11/2008 Valeri Lebedev, Dave McGinnis and Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab Alternative Project X Configuration
10/30/2008 Paul Derwent, Fermilab The ICD, a first step towards the Intensity Frontier
08/05/2008 Dariusz Bocian, CERN Quench Limit Simulations and Measurements for Steady State Heat Deposits in LHC Magnets
07/17/2008 Jim Norem, Argonne National Laboratory Can we increase the operating gradients of linacs?
07/01/2008 Marco Danuso, Sant'Anna School (Pisa) and Fermilab Limits and Prospects of Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets
06/17-19/2008 Alan A. Hahn, Fermilab Statistical Data Analysis
05/29/2008 Tom Peterson, Fermilab Cryogenics for Warm Physicists and Engineers
05/22/2008 Manoel Conde, Argonne National Laboratory High Gradients and RF Power Generation at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility
** Special Time/Location: 11 AM/Curia II **
Alexey A. Poklonskiy, Michigan State University Evolutionary Optimization Methods for Accelerator Design
05/20/2008 Vsevolod (Seva) Kamerdzhiev, Randy Thurman-Keup, Manfred Wendt, Femrilab Impressions from the Beam Instrumentation Workshop BIW08
05/06/2008 Mike Syphers, FNAL
Janet Conrad, Columbia University
Tevatron Fixed Target Redux and the NuSOnG Proposal
04/24/2008 Kirk McDonald, Princeton University The MERIT Experiment: a Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of a Mercury Jet Target for Megawatt Proton Beams
04/22/2008 Steve Holmes, Fermilab Project X and the Future of the Fermilab Accelerator Complex
04/03/2008 Mike Syphers, Fermilab Tevatron Integrated Luminosity: A tutorial primer
03/13/2008 Alexander Zlobin, Femrilab Nb3Sn accelerator magnet R&D and LHC luminosity upgrades
02/28/2008 Yoshihisa Iwashita, Kyoto University High-resolution surface inspection camera for superconducting RF cavities
02/21/2008 Jim Patrick, Brian Hendricks, and Charlie Briegel, Fermilab A New Vision for the Evolution of Controls
02/07/2008 Emanuela Barzi, Fermilab Superconducting Strand and Cable R&D for Future Accelerators
02/05/2008 Raymond Fliller III, Fermilab Advanced Accelerator R&D at the A0 Photoinjector
01/24/2008 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Improvements in Antiproton Cooling and Stacking
01/15/2008 Giulio Stancari, INFN Ferrara Production, transport and laser trapping of radioactive francium beams for the study of fundamental interactions