2006 Seminars



12/14/2006 Phil Adamson, University College London / Fermilab Main Injector Digital Dampers
12/12/2006 Xi Yang, Fermilab Results in the 3-D simulation for Booster
12/07/2006 Mary Convery, Fermilab The CDF Roman-Pot Detectors
11/16/2006 Terry Anderson, Fermilab Accelerator Vacuum 101 Made Easy
11/09/2006 Zachary Conway, ANL/UIUC Electromagnetic and Mechanical Properties of Superconducting Spoke-Loaded Cavities
11/02/2006 David Harding and Weiren Chou, Fermilab The MI Wide Aperture Quadrupole (WQB) Project
10/24/2006 V. Danilov, ORNL H- laser stripping experiments at SNS
10/19/2006 Lionel Prost, Fermilab Electron cooling at the Recycler: Update and Cooling force characterization
10/12/2006 Vahid Ranjbar, Fermilab Analysis of beam-beam diffusion effects in RHIC and the LHC
10/03/2006 Robin Madrak, Fermilab New Materials and Designs for High-Power, Fast Phase Shifters
09/28/2006 David McGinnis, Fermilab Beam Commissioning Software Developed by Fermilab for the LHC
09/21/2006 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Run II Status and Future Development: Can We Achieve 8 fb-1
09/14/2006 Walter Hartung, Michigan State University R&D in RF Superconductivity at Michigan State University
09/07/2006 Jim Norem, ANL RF Breakdown and High Gradient Limits
09/05/2006 Xi Yang, Fermilab Simulation of transition crossing in the Fermilab Booster
08/31/2006 J. Peters, DESY The History of H- Source Development
08/29/2006 Michael Woods, SLAC MDI Studies at the ILC and related test beam program at SLAC's End Station A Facility
08/17/2006 David R. Swenson, Epion Corporation Improving the performance of SRF cavities and other high voltage electrodes by treating the surfaces with Gas Cluster Ion Beams (GCIB): Can a perfect electrode be manufactured and tested?
08/10/2006 Rolland Johnson, Muons, Inc. Muon Beam Cooling for Colliders, Neutrino Factories, and Experiments
08/08/2006 Bill Lee, Fermilab Operating the D0 Detector
08/01/2006 Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab Do we need more accelerator research? - Situation at Fermilab and highlights from 2006 Advanced Accelerator Concepts workshop
07/27/2006 Ralph Pasquinelli, Fermilab Noise in RF Systems
07/20/2006 Robert Palmer, BNL Muon Collider Parameters and Cooling Schemes
07/18/2006 Ralph Pasquinelli, Fermilab Radio Frequency (RF) Systems for the ILC
07/13/2006 David McGinnis, Fermilab Introduction to RF for Particle Accelerators Part II : RF Cavities
07/11/2006 Hyung Jin Kim, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Instability Studies on a Spherical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement
06/27/2006 Bob Flora, Fermilab LHC Quench Protection & Energy Extraction Systems
06/15/2006 Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab Coherent instabilities at the FNAL Booster
06/08/2006 David McGinnis, Fermilab Introduction to Radio Frequency Fundamentals for Particle Accelerators Part I : Transmission Lines
05/25/2006 Tanaji Sen, Fermilab US-LHC Activities in the Accelerator Division
05/23/2006 Kiyomi Seiya, Fermilab Status of Slip stacking in the Main Injector and future plans
05/18/2006 Doug Moehs, Fermilab Ion Source Choices: An H- source for the High Intensity Neutrino Source
05/16/2006 Robert W. Garnett, LANL DARHT - A Unique Accelerator Facility Supporting the US Nuclear Weapons Complex
05/11/2006 Miguel Furman (LBL) Electron Cloud Simulations for the LHC and Main Injector
05/09/2006 Cheng-Yang Tan, Fermilab Tune and Chromaticity Tracking in the Tevatron
04/27/2006 Iouri Terechkine, Fermilab Solenoids for Focusing Proton Beams - Status of R&D at FNAL
04/20/2006 Ilya Agapov, RHUL/JAI ILC collimation, background and extraction line studies at RHUL/JAI
04/18/2006 Vahid Ranjbar, Fermilab Chromaticity and Impedance Effect on the Transverse Motion of Longitudinal Bunch Slices in the TEVATRON
04/13/2006 Keith Gollwitzer, Fermilab Antiproton Source Studies and Stacking
04/11/2006 Alexey Burov, Fermilab Coherent transverse electron-antiproton instability in the Recycler Ring
04/06/2006 Shekhar Mishra, Fermilab ILC Accelerator R&D at Fermilab
04/04/2006 Zhentian Xie, Duke University Designs and optimization for a series-fed, broadband impedance-matched, end-fire linear antenna array
03/28/2006 Boaz Nash, SLAC Analytical Approach to Eigen-Emittance Evolution in a Storage Ring
03/23/2006 Torben Grumstrup, Penn State University Entry of Solids into Liquids
03/21/2006 Sebastian Beysserie, IIT Numerical modeling of novel electron materials and devices
03/16/2006 Nandhini Dhanaraj, Carnegie Mellon University Interfacial FRACture Testing to invesitgate the Mechanics of sofc interconnect alloy durability
03/14/2006 Sharon Lackey, Fermilab ACNET vs EPICS at Fermilab
03/09/2006 Ron Moore, Fermilab Overview of Tevatron Operations
03/07/2006 Rodion Tikhoplav, UCLA Low Emittance Electron Beam Studies
03/02/2006 Kazuhito Ohmi, KEK Discovery and Mitigation of the Electron Cloud at KEK
02/28/2006 John Greenwood, Fermilab TeVnet: Surveying the Big Machine
02/23/2006 Valentin Ivanov , SLAC Computational models, algorithms and computer codes in accelerator physics
02/21/2006 Randy Thurman-Keup, Fermilab Monitoring Abort Gap Beam Intensity in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Radiation
02/16/2006 Evgeny Zaplatin, Research Center Juelich FZJ superconducting RF Cavities
02/14/2006 Alex Dragt, Univeristy of Maryland Computation of Transfer Maps from Surface Data with Applications to Wigglers
02/09/2006 Rolland Johnson., Muons, Inc. The Low Emittance Muon Collider Workshop
02/07/2006 Peter Skands, Fermilab Beyond the Terascale with Muons
02/02/2006 Bob Weber, Fermilab Current Proton Driver Activities in the Accelerator Division
01/26/2006 Lionel Prost, Fermilab Progress of Electron Cooling at the Recycler
01/19/2006 Robert Welton, SNS Ion Source R&D at the SNS
01/17/2006 Vic Scarpine, Fermilab Optical Transition Radiation Detectors for Beam Diagnostic
01/12/2006 Nikolai Mokhov & Dean Still, Fermilab Crystal Collimation at Tevatron
01/10/2006 Maura Edelweiss Monville, ORNL Simulation of an Active Material Interrogation system based on photofission, and Novel Nano-Fabrication Method
01/05/2006 Steve Holmes, Fermilab Accelerator Programs at Fermilab: (Past), Present, and Future
01/03/2006 Cons Gattuso, Fermilab Overview of Recycler Operations