2005 Seminars



12/15/2005 Vadim Dudnikov, Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc. Diagnostic for Observation and Damping of E-P Instability
12/13/2005 Roger Dixon, Fermilab Status, Issues and Observations-- Postcards from Paraguay
12/08/2005 Robert Zwaska, Fermilab Booster Cogging
12/06/2005 John R. Cary, University of Colorado Advances in self-consistent electromagnetic modeling
12/01/2005 George Coutrakon, Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Beams for Cancer Therapy: A worldwide status report
11/17/2005 S.Y. Lee, University of Indiana Booster Emittance
11/17/2005 Mei Bai AC dipole based diagnostics
11/15/2005 Heiko Damerau Creation and Storage of Long and Flat Bunches in the LHC
11/10/2005 Martin P. Stockli, ORNL Readying the Injector for feeding the Spallation Neutron Source
11/08/2005 Frank Schmidt, CERN Driving Term Experiments at CERN
11/03/2005 Sharon Lackey, Charlie Briegel, Dennis Nicklaus, Jim Patrick, Fermilab Summary of the International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS 2005)
10/27/2005 David McGinnis, Fermilab A 2 Megawatt Multi-Stage Proton Accumulator
10/20/2005 P.N. Ostroumov, ANL Beam Physics in the RIA accelerators
10/13/2005 Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab Highlights of Beam Cooling Workshop
10/06/2005 Eric Prebys, Fermilab MiniBooNE and NuMI: Why do they need so many protons?
09/01/2005 Hiromitsu Tomizawa, Spring-8 R&D on RF-Gun Photoemission Sources at Spring-8
08/02/2005 Jianliang Li, University of Rochester Upgrade of the laser system for A0 photoinjector at FNAL
07/13/2005 Ioannis V. Sideris, Northern Illinois University Characterization of the Chaotic or Regular Nature of Dynamical Orbits: A New, Fast Method
06/14/2005 Xiaobiao Huang, Indiana University Understanding the Fermilab Booster with Beam-based Measurements
06/09/2005 Jie Wei, BNL Small-Signal Analysis of High Frequency Semiconductor Devices
06/07/2005 Art Molvik, LLNL , Jean-Luc Vay, LBNL Electron clouds in ion accelerators - experiment, theory and simulation
05/12/2005 Julien Branlard, IIT Small-Signal Analysis of High Frequency Semiconductor Devices
04/26/2005 Andrei Lounine, KEK S-matrix formalism approach to RF design
04/19/2005 Sergei Striganov, FNAL/LANL MARS Physical Model Developments and Accelerator & Detector Applications
04/14/2005 Sergei Seletskiy, University of Rochester Attainment of Electron Beam Suitable for Medium Energy Electron Cooling
03/31/2005 Leo Michelotti, Fermilab CHEF: Progress Report on an Interactive Program for Accelerator Optics
02/01/2005 Jean-Francois Ostiguy, Fermilab The Fermilab Lattice Information Repository
01/13/2005 David N. Seidman, Northwestern University Atom-Probe Tomography as a Tool for Solving Materials Science and Engineering Problems