2004 Seminars



12/14/2004 Alex Koschik, CERN Simulation of Transverse Multi-Bunch Instabilities of Proton Beams in LHC
11/30/2004 Pierre Bauer, Fermilab Materials research for superconducting RF Cavities at Fermilab
11/16/2004 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev, DESY Stability issues of electron cooled beams and related instrumentation at COSY
11/11/2004 Andreas Jansson (FNAL) Tevatron Ionization Profile Monitors
11/09/2004 Frederic LePimpec (SLAC) Beam-Surface Interactions : A Vacuum Point of View
11/02/2004 Philippe Piot (FNAL) Flat electron beam production in a photo-injector: status and prospects
10/28/2004 Fred Mills, Fermilab Accelerators for Hadron Therapy
10/26/2004 Alex Koschik (CERN) Simulation of Transverse Multi-Bunch Instabilities of Proton Beams in LHC
10/21/2004 Armen Apyan (Northwestern Univeristy) Production of polarized positron and photon beams for future linear colliders and beam dynamics
09/30/2004 Alexander Valishev (FNAL) Beam-Beam Effects and Optics at the Tevatron
09/23/2004 Markus Huening Polarized Electron Beams from an RF-Gun: Problems and Prospects
09/21/2004 Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL) Tevatron progress over last year and Future plans
09/16/2004 Jean-Paul Carneiro (DESY) DESY Superconducting SASE FEL's
09/14/2004 Alessandro G.Ruggiero, BNL 1.5-GeV Proton FFAG as Injector to the BNL-AGS
09/09/2004 Lihui Jin (University of Kansas) Coherent Beam-Beam Effects in Storage-Ring Colliders
09/07/2004 Frederic LePimpec (SLAC) Getter Pumps : From Light Bulbs to Accelerators
08/24/2004 Alexei Liapine (DESY) High Precision Cavity Beam Position Monitor
07/20/2004 Kip Bishofberger (UCLA) Using the Tevatron Electron Lens for Tune-shift Compensation
07/08/2004 John Weisend ( SLAC) A History of TESLA Cryomodule Design & Operation
06/22/2004 Ray Fliller (BNL) Crystal Collimation at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
06/17/2004 Kiyomi Seiya(FNAL) Slip Stacking in the Main Injector
06/15/2004 ** CANCELED ** P. Zenkevich (ITEP) Multiple Crossing of Nonlinear Resonances Due to Space Charge Forces
05/04/04 S.G. Tantawi (SLAC) Multimoded RF Systems for X-band Future Linear Colliders
04/29/04 E. Gianfelice-Wendt (DESY) The Lepton Beam Polarisation in the Frame of the Hera Luminosity Upgrade
04/27/04 P. Belochitskii (CERN) Antiproton Decelerator at CERN (AD): Performance and Plans for Future
04/20/04 N. Vinogradov (ANL) Development of Front Ends for the RIA Facility Linear Accelerators
04/15/04 G. Dugan (Cornell Univ.) The U.S. Linear Collider Technology Options Study
04/14/04 M. Meddahi (CERN) CERN Neutrinos to Gran Sasso Project: Status Report
04/13/04 W. Wittmer, University Of Technology, Graz, Austria Luminosity Optimization by Adjusting the beta-Function in the Interaction Point at LHC and RHIC.
03/16/04 R. Ischebeck (DESY) Measurement of the transverse coherence at the TTF free electron laser
03/02/04 A. Diaz (Roswell Park Cancer Institute) Novel uses of neutrons in medicine and radiobiology
02/26/04 R. Talman (Cornell Univ.) String Formulation of Space Charge Forces in a Deflecting Bunch
02/10/04 M. Sossong (Univ. of Illinois) A Search for an Electric Dipole Moment of the Positive Muon
02/05/04 K. Shepard (ANL) Superconducting RF Technology for Ion Accelerators
02/03/04 Y. Zhang (ORNL) Computational studies of ISOL targets for generation of Radioactive Ion Beams
01/29/04 P. Ostroumov (ANL) Beam dynamics in proton and heavy-ion linacs based on superconducting technology
01/08/04 R. Thurman-Keup (Lucent Tech.) The World of Cellular Communications
01/06/04 P. Snopok (Michigan State University, Fermilab) High Order Tevatron Tracking Studies: Observations and Recommendations