2003 Seminars



12/16/2003 L. Wang, BNL Mechanism of Electron Multipacting and Trapping
12/11/2003 David McGinnis, Fermilab Status of Run II and Plans for FY04
12/09/2003 Nathan Eddy, Univeristy of Illinois Track Triggers in RunII CDF Trigger System
12/04/2003 J. Norem, Argonne National Laboratory A New Way to Look at RF Breakdown
12/02/2003 A. Doyuran, BNL High Gain Harmonic Generation Experiment at DUV-FEL Facility in BNL
12/02/2003 I. Kaganovich , PPPL Progress in U.S. Heavy Ion Driven Inertial Fusion Research: new beam transport experiments, studies of ion beam plasma interaction and evaluation of stripping cross sections
11/25/2003 M. Xiao, Fermilab Beam-beam Effects at the Tevatron
11/21/2003 I. Ben-Zvi, BNL Some aspects of accelerator R&D at BNL
11/20/2003 L. Prost, LBNL The High Current Transport Experiment for Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
11/13/2003 E. McCrory, Fermilab A Monte Carlo Model of Tevatron Collider Operations
11/11/2003 K. Sonnad, Univiversity of Colorado Finding a nonlinear lattice with improved integrability using Lie-transform perturbation theory
10/28/2003 J. Byrd, LBNL How to generate high power T-rays in an electron ring
10/07/2003 F.G. Garcia, Fermilab The Status of MiniBooNE
07/29/2003 Y. Zou, Univiversity of Maryland Selected Topics of Theory and Experiment in Space-Charge-Dominated Beam Physics
07/22/2003 ** CURIA II ** D. Reistad, Uppsala University Experience of Operation with the Hydrogen Pellet Target at CELSIUS
07/17/2003 R. Johnson, Muons Inc. Gaseous Hydrogen and Muon Beam Cooling
07/15/2003 M. Barstow, Cornell University A Bright, Penetrating Light: The Energy Recovery Linac, A Tool for Biology and Material Science in the Future
07/03/2003 H. Schlarb, DESY Recent results from the SLAC short-pulse photon source (SPPS)
06/10/2003 E. Pozdeyev, NSCL Small Isochronous Ring (SIR) Project at NSCL
04/29/2003 M. Martens, J. Steimel, and C.Y. Tan, Fermilab Tevatron Progress: Operational, Instabilities, and Diagnostics Update
04/10/2003 L. Merminga, JLab Accelerator Physics and Applications of Energy Recovering Linacs
04/08/2003 F. Roncarolo, CERN Emittance Measurements in the CERN SPS
03/25/2003 N. Tani and Y. Watanabe, J-PARC Works on the 3-GeV RCS Magnets and Power Supplies in J-PARC
03/18/2003 E. McCrory, Fermilab Proton Source Operations in Support of Collider Operations
03/11/2003 D. Johnson, Fermilab Main Injector Operations Status
03/06/2003 R. Stefanski, Fermilab Configuration Management in the Tevatron - Alignment
03/04/2003 E. Harms, Fermilab Antiproton Source Operations Status
02/11/2003 M. Zoloterev, LBNL Longitudinal beam density monitor