2002 Seminars



12/05/2002 M. Xiao, Fermilab Simulation and Experiment studies of Beam-Beam effects
11/14/2002 B. Erdelyi, Fermilab Analytic studies of the long-range beam-beam effects
11/05/2002 E. McKigney, Imperial College MuScat and MICE: Toward ionization cooling for a neutrino factory
10/22/2002 ** CURIA II ** M. Minty, DESY HERA performance with the luminosity upgrade
10/17/2002 K. Harkay, Argonne Advanced Photon Source Overview of Electron Cloud Diagnostics in Storage Rings
10/03/2002 W. Chou, Fermilab Electron cloud effects: Report on ECLOUD02 Workshop
09/19/2002 V. Papadimitriou, Texas Tech/Fermilab Bringing CDF back -- Detector and physics issues
09/17/2002 M. Xie, LBL Laser acceleration of electrons in oversized open waveguides
08/27/2002 Weiming Guo & Yoichi Sato, Indiana University Emittance measurement with quadrupole-mode transfer function First experimental measurement of the longitudinal emittance with QTF
08/22/2002 V. Ranjbar, BNL Study of spin resonances in AGS and RHIC
08/08/2002 W. Graves, BNL Femtosecond studies of photoinjector beam physics
08/06/2002 ** Joint APT / Theoretical Astrophysics / NICADD Seminar ** CURIA II ** H. Kandrup, University of Florida Nonlinear dynamics in galaxies and charged-particle beams
06/06/2002 ** CURIA II ** Brian Chase, Fermilab Low Level RF Uses of Digital Radio Technology
05/23/2002 X. Yang, U. Houston Fabrication of ferroelectric thin films and measurement of their electro-optic properties
05/21/2002 E. Keil, Fermilab/CERN Recirculating linear accelerators for neutrino factories
05/14/2002 A. Jansson, CERN Measuring emittance and injection matching with pickups
05/07/2002 A. Burov, Fermilab Closed orbit coherent instability
04/30/2002 A. Satpathy, U. Cincinnati Observation of color suppressed and other rare B decays at Belle
04/25/2002 J. Norem, Argonned National Laboratory Dark currents
04/23/2002 B. G. Logan, LBNL
E. M. Campbell, General Atomics
US heavy ion fusion program
04/18/2002 V. Frolov, U. Minnesota B meson decays and search for new physics
04/15/2002 S. Yu, LBNL Final focusing of intense heavy ion beams for inertial confinement fusion
04/10/2002 K. Takayama, KEK Possibility of super-bunch acceleration in the Fermilab accelerator complex: Application to MINOS and Tevatron Run II
04/09/2002 T. D. Wangler, Los Alamos National Lab Experimental Study of Proton Beam Halo
04/04/2002 D. Jaffray, Beaumont Hospital Flat-panel cone-beam CT: An adaptable technology for image guidance applications
04/02/2002 D. Harris, Fermilab Neutrino oscillation measurements: Now and again - the status of the NUMI/MINOS project
03/28/2002 M. Hill, Harvard/SLAC High frequency high gradient Planar Dielectric Accelerator Structures: Experimental Results
03/26/2002 L. Babukhadia, SUNY Stony Brook DZero digital track trigger and searching for Higgs
03/21/2002 M. Hu, Fermilab Fermilab Recycler status and instrumentation
03/14/2002 B. O'Reilly, U. Colorado Direct cp violation searches on FOCUS
03/07/2002 G. W. Foster, Fermilab An 8 GeV superconducting linac for a FNAL Booster replacement
02/28/2002 Sergei Lusin, U. Wisconsin Putting CMS together
02/19/2002 P. Hanlet , U. Texas at Arlington D0 forward proton detector: past, present, and future
02/14/2002 V. Scarpine, Electro-Scientific Industries Large area, amorphous silicon, flat panel detectors for medical x-ray imaging
02/12/2002 A. Shemyakin, Fermilab Electron cooling project: Commissioning of a MW-range DC beam generator
02/07/2002 Y. Luo, CERN Study of foreign particle induced instability in the Beijing electron-positron collider
02/05/2002 W. Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley Lab Table-top laser driven accelerator research at LBNL
01/31/2002 R. Talman, Cornell University The Specific Luminosity of Colliding Rings and What to do About It
01/17/2002 A. A. Mikhailichenko, Wilson Lab, Cornell Polarized Positron Production in NLC/TESLA like machines
01/10/2002 E. Blum, BNL Innovative Magnet Development and Application at the National Synchrotron Light Source
01/08/2002 P. Piyot, DESY The TESLA Test Facility: Current status and Future