2001 Seminars



12/20/2001 J. Slaughter, Yale University CDF Silicon: A Case History in Complexity
12/18/2001 V. Verzilov, INFN Applications of Transition and Diffraction Radiation in Particle Beam Diagnostics
12/13/2001 P. Bauer Synchrotron radiation issues in the VLHC
12/11/2001 David Larbalestier, University of Wisconsin New superconductor choices for magnets
12/06/2001 L. Bellantoni, T. Kobilarcik
A separated K+ beamline and superconducting RF for it
12/04/2001 W.C. Turner, LBL Development of a 40MHz gas ionization detector for optimization of luminosity in LHC
11/29/2001 V. Wu, University of Cincinnati Design and testing of high gradient RF cavity for the transverse cooling channel of the muon collider
11/27/2001 Y. Alexahin, JINR Low Emittance Optics for LEP2: Experience vs. Expectations.
11/19/2001 F. Schmidt, CERN LHC: optics, magnets and a new beam-based corrections method
11/15/2001 T. Roser, BNL High Intensity Operation of the AGS and AGS Booster
11/13/2001 N. Solyak A Personal View of Linear Collider Development
11/08/2001 B. Choudhary, Caltech Search for Neutrino Oscillations with the Fermilab Main Injector
11/06/2001 C. Joshi, UCLA The promise of plasma wakefield acceleration
11/01/2001 P. Alsing, Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
10/30/2001 A. Schreiner, DESY Aging Studies of Drift Chambers of the HERA-B Outer Tracker
10/25/2001 A. Marchionni, FNAL Neutrino beams for long baseline experiments
10/23/2001 A. Shishlo, BNL Modeling Tools for Simulating Space Charge and Transverse Impedance Effects
10/18/2001 M. Bhattacharjee, Lucent Technology Electron Triggers and Prospects for Electroweak measurements at D0 during Run II
10/16/2001 J. Marriner, Fermilab Status of the Beams Division
10/11/2001 B. King, BNL Recent Progress towards Energy Frontier Muon Colliders
10/09/2001 V. Nagaslaev, Texas Tech University Silicon calibrations in CDF
10/04/2001 J. Hinson, Purdue University Hadronic Structure in Tau Decays to Three Charged Pions
10/02/2001 S. Chopra, Fermilab Central Photo-Detectors in Upgraded Dzero
09/27/2001 W. Schappert, Array Systems Synthetic Aperture Imaging
09/11/2001 J. Holmes, Oakridge Simulation of Collective Effects in High Intensity Proton Rings
09/04/2001 V. Kashikin, N. Mokhov, D. Neuffer
Report from Snowmass - Magnet Technology, Particle Sources, Muon Colliders
08/28/2001 P. Schoessow, ANL Dielectric Accelerating Structures
08/21/2001 W. Chou, M. Syphers, R. Pasquinelli
Report from Snowmass - High Intensity Proton Sources, Hadron Colliders, Diagnostics
08/16/2001 P. Zenkevich, ITEP Numerical Simulations of Space Charge Effects in Storage Rings
08/14/2001 A. Xiao, DESY Application of the Beam Response Matrix method at HERA
08/07/2001 W.S. Graves, BNL Measured photoinjector electron beam properties compared with simulations
06/28/2001 A. Tollestrup, C. Johnstone (FNAL), D. Amidei (U. of Michigan), J. Norem (ANL) An e+e- collider in the VLHC tunnel
06/26/2001 E. Todesco, CERN Field-quality control in the main LHC dipoles
06/14/2001 Vadim Kashikhin High field accelerator magnets for VLHC
06/05/2001 David Finley, Fermilab Fermilab NLC R&D in Context
05/29/2001 A. Burov, Fermilab Circular Modes, Beam Adapters and their Applications in Beam Optics
05/22/2001 B. Erdelyi, Michigan State University Fringe field effects and optimal symplectification of maps
05/17/2001 Peter Limon, Fermilab The Study of a Staged-Energy VLHC at Fermilab
05/08/2001 Lee Teng, Argonne FFAG - Phoenix in the History of Accelerators
05/01/2001 Albrecht Wagner, DESY TESLA: The superconducting electron-positron collider and integrated X-ray laser laboratory - Science, Technology and How to Proceed
04/26/2001 E. Prebys, Princeton Recent Results from the KEK B-Factory
04/24/2001 Robert D. Ryne, LBNL 3D Simulation of High Intensity Beam Dynamics
04/17/2001 V. Lebedev, Fermilab Muon Acceleration at a Neutrino Factory
03/27/2001 H. Areti, Thomas Jefferson Lab An Overview of Systems and Diagnostic Devices in CEBAF Accelerator
03/20/2001 J.P Carneiro (Fermilab and Universite Paris XI) The Fermilab Photo-Injector
03/13/2001 E. Barzi Superconductor R&D at Fermilab
03/12/2001 R. Assmann, CERN LEP Operation and Performance with Electron-Positron Collisions at 209 GeV
03/06/2001 R. Pitthan, SLAC Possibilities for a Low Emittance Electron Injector Based on Plasma Generated Electrons
03/05/2001 D. Wang, CESR The studies of long range beam-beam effects at CESR
02/27/2001 R. Moore, University of Michigan CDF's Custom TDCs for Run II
02/22/2001 K. Harkay, Argonne Properties of the electron cloud in a high-energy electron ring
02/13/2001 S.Y. Jun, Carnegie Mellon The SELEX (E781) Experiment
02/08/2001 V. Balbekov Design and comparison of muon cooling channels for a neutrino factory
02/06/2001 C. Hill, Fermilab Quantum Aspects of Beam Dynamics
02/01/2001 A. Sill, Texas Tech University Interactions Between Beam and Detector Design at CDF and in the Future
01/30/2001 G. Ambrosio Nb3Sn superconducting cables for high field accelerator magnets
01/29/2001 V.M. Biryukov, IHEP Progress in Crystal Extraction and Collimation at IHEP
01/23/2001 N. Baboi, DESY Higher Order Mode Studies at Accelerating Structures for Linear Colliders at DESY
01/16/2001 A. Zholents, LBL Obtaining femtosecond x-ray pulses at the Advanced Light Source
01/09/2001 T. Venhaus, Sandia The Tritium Plasma Experiment