2022 Schedule




03/03/2021 (Thursday) Aakaash Narayanan, Northern Illinois University Third-integer Resonant Extraction Regulation Efforts for Mu2e
04/12/2022 Alba-Carolina GarcĂ­a-Bonilla Noise Reduction using Filters on Turn-by-Turn LHC Orbits to obtain Magnetic Errors with the Action and Phase Jump Analysis Method
04/19/2022 Nilanjan Banerjee, University of Chicago Exploring high-intensity and high-quality proton beams at IOTA
04/21/2022 Michael Wallbank, University of Cincinnati Optimizing the MCenter Beamline for the NOvA Test Beam Experiment
04/26/2022 Anne Norrick, FNAL Neutrino Oscillations in NOvA and DUNE: Long Baselines, Short Timelines
04/28/2022 Adam Schreckenberger, University of Illinois The Muon g-2 Kickers: From Broken to Beautiful and Beyond!
05/05/2022 Steven Boi, Fermilab Upstream Collimation in the M4 Line: Optimization, Extinction, and Mu2e Calibration
06/02/2022 Esra Barlas Yucel, University of Illinois Electrostatic Quadrupoles System in the Muon g-2 Experiment: Improving the Stored Beam Quality and Experiment Sensitivity
06/16/2022 Daniel M. Kaplan, Prof. Emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Scientist, Muons, Inc. A New Low-Energy Muon R&D and Experimental Facility at Fermilab