2021 Schedule




01/21/2021 (Thursday) Ralitsa Sharankova, Tufts University The MicroBooNE experiment and applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Slides
02/09/2021 Elias Metral, CERN Intrabunch motion Slides
03/02/2021 Kiersten Ruisard, ORNL High range and high dimensions: Understanding the beam distribution at the SNS Beam Test Facility Slides
04/06/2021 Georg Hoffstaetter, Cornell The Cornell-BNL ERL Test Accelerator (CBETA), an energy-saving accelerator Slides
04/13/2021, 2PM Alexey Burov, FNAL Longitudinal Modes of Bunched Beams with Weak Space Charge Slides
04/20/2021 Mohammad Eshraqi, ESS The ESS Linear Accelerator Slides
05/06/2021, Unusual day Aleksandr Romanov, FNAL 3D Tracking of a Single Electron in IOTA
05/11/2021 Jonathan Jarvis, Valeri Lebedev, FNAL OSC at IOTA: The World’s First Experimental Demonstration of Optical Stochastic Cooling
06/08/2021 Eduard Pozdeyev, FNAL Experience with PIP2IT Commissioning